ready for a deep dive into your inner world?



Feel the healing power of music and voice. Dive deep into your inner world, connect with your higher self, your inner wisdom, your intuition. Feel the magic of life and experience the vibrational power of sound. Discover what lies hidden deep down inside of you and use my voice as the key to your soul.

Silence is something everybody should experience every single day. 

Real silence.


Because when you’re silent, you’re able to exceed your mind, your thoughts and your ego.


In real silence there’s nothing more than just you. In real silence you’re finally able to listen to you. To listen to your true self. You are able to transcend. To travel, inside.


And going into silence isn’t only transcending your ego, it’s also escaping all the distraction we create for ourselves. All the distraction the world creates for us. You will feel free from every distraction.


I believe that if we dare to do this, being silent every single day, the greatest growth and happiness is found.



Silence is the portal to your inner world. And this is where your dreams, desires, and the true you are hidden. 


And isn’t that what it’s all about in life? To discover the true you, to come as close to yourself as you can?


So that you can express yourself fully and freely?


Every day when I go into silence, I feel so extremely close to myself. And it is in that silence that I can hear my soul. I can hear my desires, my dreams, I can hear the true me talking. I find answers to questions and I experience a strong feeling of ‘coming home’ finally. 

This gives me a feeling of being alive, being authentic, being connected. 


It is in that silence that I feel more connected than ever to everything around me. And I strongly believe that this feeling is what everybody should feel and experience every day. 


It’s a feeling of transcending, of rising above the ego, above your head, it’s stepping out of hustle, business, craziness, stress, fear, anxiety… and landing into rest, peace, calmness, trust. 


It’s a feeling of oneness.

And after you go into silence, the way you look at the world will change. You will experience a whole new world that was first hidden behind the hustle, the noise and the distraction you created for yourself.


The colors will look different, more bright. And all of a sudden, you will see trees, nature, animals and people as the beautiful creatures they are, all connected to you. You will finally feel: life is a miracle, nature is, we are.


How do you go into silence?

Go on an inner peace journey with me and I will show you! 


Are you ready to go on a journey into silence with me? Are you ready to take a deep dive inside? Are you ready to meet your higher self, your intuition, your inner wisdom? Do you want to feel lighter, more open, at peace, one, connected and do you want to discover answers to your burning questions?


Then come into silence with me!


And download my free inner peace journey called ‘Birdwatcher’. A guided meditation and deep dive into your inner world with voice and sound healing, music and spoken word. 


Close your eyes, and enjoy the ride.


Experience a deep state of being, clarity, oneness, love and abundance like you have never felt before.


With love,
Myrthe Lisanne


WHO AM I AND WHAT TO I DO? My name is Myrthe Lisanne and I’m a singer, artist, psychologist and creator. It is my mission to spread peace and love with my voice.

With my work I want to help you relax, become quiet, to LISTEN, to feel, heal & grow. To find answers, to see your biggest desires, to dream and to find the courage to take the necessary steps to living an authentic life full of light, love, connection and abundance. 

My work helps you to dive deep into your inner world, where you can find your truest and highest self, your intuition, your feelings, your dreams and desires.

My work is a key to your soul and helps you connect with your soul. In this connection I believe that all feelings, emotions and thoughts that are not helping you will disappear. You will feel your strength, your power and you will meet your true self again.

The connection with your inner world, your intuition and your feelings is such an important thing, because this will help you to live your life as honest and true to yourself as possible. You will meet YOU through my work. You will feel and hear, you are able to listen to yourself, to what truly matters, to your biggest desires and dreams and you will find the courage to take steps that will help you reach your path, your purpose or your destiny. 

WHY LISTEN TO MY INNER PEACE JOURNEY? After listening to my inner peace journey you will feel connected to yourself and to your higher self. You will feel connected to your intuition and you will be very grounded, present and calm. You will feel meaning, inspiration and you will feel whole, in peace and in love (again). You will feel LIGHT. The energy of my voice, and my music will help you dive deep into your inner world and will help you feel, heal and grow.  

Heavy emotions, fears or any other low energy you feel will become lighter after listening to this inner peace journey.

With this inner peace journey, which consists of my storytelling, voice healing and my music, I hope to give you the insights that will help you grow on your path to living a creative, authentic and free life full of meaning, love and abundance.

Enjoy listening, and please let me know how you’ve experienced the journey! 

X Myrthe Lisanne