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My name is Myrthe Lisanne and I’m a singer, artist and psychologist. It is my intention to make music that helps you feel, heal and connect with your inner world. I believe that if we truly connect with ourselves, our feelings, emotions and our intuition and inner world, we are able to feel free again. To feel joy again. To feel at peace again. To feel strong and healed again. To feel whole.

Music is a beautiful way to really feel and connect with your inner world. A world where you can find your biggest dreams and desires, where you can find YOU. The true you. And with my music I want to make this connection with your truest and highest self as big and strong as possible.

Through my music you will be able to listen very clearly to your intuition, your feelings, emotions and your inner wisdom. This will bring you more inner peace and inner freedom. And I believe if we all feel inner peace and inner freedom, this will automatically have an effect in the outer world.


My music is my way to make this world a more loveable and free place. 

With my voice I make sounds in such a way that it has a healing effect. I call this voice healing. My voice touches your soul and makes sure that you can access your inner world. And I believe that the inner world has all the answers and magic you are looking for in your life. 

It is my mission to make the world a better place by spreading peace and love with my voice. 

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