Blog Myrthe Lisanne

You can not heal your shit by reading about it, praying to the light or focusing on gratefulness.

You heal your shit by FEELING it, grunting, shouting, screaming, crying. By letting your body take over and surrender.

You heal your shit lying on the floor, crying, vomiting, crawling, fighting, breathing, choking…

You heal your shit by paying a visit to the underworld and looking your darkness into the eyes.

You heal your shit by recognizing yourself in your darkness. And seeing your darkness for what it truly is: a part of you that so desperately wants attention, to be seen, to be heard, loved, touched, nurtured. To be INTEGRATED.

You heal your shit by embracing it, touching it, closing it into your heart. By making it a part of YOU. By appreciating it AS MUCH as you so adore the light.

Never run away from it again. Stand strong and firm. Acknowledge your darkness. KNOW that you will always survive and that it is nothing to be afraid of.

And promise that you will acknowledge your darkness as much as you will acknowledge others’ darkness. Never look away. Know that darkness isn’t scary, or weak or something to solve. It. Is. Necessary.

And every time you try to soften it, run away from it or try to ‘solve’ it rationally, know that you will only make it stronger and bigger.

Meet your darkness and that of others with courage, and a vast knowing that it is you who you are looking at, not a monster. You have nothing to be afraid of. Start to love the dark and you will love yourself (more). You are one.

And after that, there is this unity, this freedom, this power, you were looking for all along in books, prayers, songs, people, outcome, meditation, materials…

Kneel to your darkness, kiss her cheeks, her face, her mouth and tears.

Kneel and rise together as one.