I feel like all is totally fine, on so many levels. Like nothing really matters, but in an enlightened way. Like nothing really matters, but all is good. And by feeling this I feel so free of the daily hustle of this life, so open, so connected, that it feels like I am floating. ⁠

Floating between worlds, between dimensions. I am floating between my spirit, my mind and physical body. Floating between the earth, and space. Floating between past, present and future. I see all and the nothing too. I feel like a time-bender. ⁠

I’m floating through all possibilities, all is open in my experience. I feel like I am at the beginning of creation.⁠

I truly experience the beginning of what we humans call Free will. ⁠

I am at the beginning of knowing, and therefore I do not know, yet. I’m floating in an empty space, filled with possibilities. This is true freedom. This is where all my creations stem from. This dark hole of nothingness, and the whole universe outside of this dark hole with every possibility that is out there. ⁠

The all versus the nothing, and floating between these two states, that is where true freedom lies.