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If you really want to live the life you desire, you must learn to master the art of allowing. ⁠

What is the art of allowing? ⁠

To allow yourself to be everything you are. To allow yourself to shine bright. To show every aspect of yourself to the world, all that is already there and all that is still hidden. To allow yourself to feel, to listen to your heart, to allow yourself to be vulnerable, open, human. To allow yourself to fall, break down, go deep. ⁠

To allow yourself to dance, run naked and wild. To allow yourself joy, happiness, to allow yourself love. ⁠

To allow yourself to grow, evolve, show yourself to the world, to allow yourself to take space, to expand. ⁠

To allow yourself that you’re worthy and deserve to be loved. ⁠

By allowing all this, you allow your inner being to fly out. To be wild, light, free. You allow you heart to speak and connect. You allow every aspect of your being to be present, to live. You allow yourself the life you once chose to live. ⁠

When you start allowing yourself, your full and true nature arises, and will come to your awareness. You will start to shine so brightly because your beautiful soul will finally shine through you completely. 

When I see people allowing themselves to finally live their naked truth, something in them and around them changes. As if they finally plugged into the right plugin. They start to shine brighter and their energy feels changed. They are then truly open and ready to live. ⁠

They master the art of allowing. ⁠