Album cover Metanoia by Myrthe Lisanne

Dear one,
Good creations take time.
Take your time. All your time.

Dedicate your time to this one version of you that lives her fullest potential. Dedicate all your time to the belief that you are living your most authentic life. Your path.

Step into this life.

Dedicate your life to your future self. You owe it to her.

Open your heart and arms to receive the future as a gift.

Let the future come to you. Let the future unfold before your eyes. Welcome in the future as an old friend.

Time is an illusion. Everything that needs to take place is already taking place.

Now trust and throw a party. Your brightest, most wonderful future is yours to take. Yours to live!

Now how’s that for you?

Celebrate the not knowing part. Don’t fool yourself by worrying, stressing, wanting to take control. There is nothing to control if you trust that everything is already here. Waiting for you to ‘order’ it into your reality.

Embrace the future. Enjoy the future as if it’s already here. Embrace it. Take it in your heart, your arms.

The biggest, brightest, best future you can imagine, is already here.

Trust that when it’s in the mind, you have already been there and it is here.

Enjoy! Play! And receive.

Practice receiving.

The best skill a human can learn.

The universe.