Rebirth covert art Myrthe Lisanne

Today I murder the old and welcome the new. I bury the old with grace, say goodbye to it, and let it go.

I let go of what is not helping me and rebuild a new world, a new vision. I shed my skin and arise naked, and pure, in the now.

I rebirth in the present moment, where time and space are just concepts of the mind. I rebirth in to the now, in the unlimited potential of who I can be.

I am. I see. I feel. I observe. I am safe. I stand and ground. I. Am. My. Naked. Truth.

In silence I rebirth into freedom. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow. Just now. There is only ‘isness’ to experience.

And from rebirthing from the old into the new, from the dark into the light, I fall into the vast consciousness of pure being. Pure existence.

I rebirth into a goddess and discover that I am the creator, as you are, as we are, as one. In love.