Expression session

People are waiting for you to take the leap. To take big steps.

They’re waiting for your grandeur. For your courage to unfold.

People unconsciously are begging for you to step into your power. They’re waiting while they are feeling and seeing your potential.

They’re yearning for it!

They want you to show up. To show them what you’re talking about.

The world needs you now more than ever.

Show yourself! Give your everything.

Show the world your biggest potential. Show them all and be it all. Give everything that lies in your power.

Your biggest potential is already in the field of all potentialities.

What are you waiting for my dear?

Stop playing small!

Show the world your worth. Show yourself your worth!

Show the world your soul, your mind, give them your body. Your everything.

The world needs you. All of you.

You, beautiful sacred human being.

Show up
Stand up
Live it

No more playing small.
Play big. Play sacred.
Play. It. All.