Album cover Metanoia by Myrthe Lisanne

I want to ground myself deep into the earth, like a tree growing my roots, securing my stay and protecting myself. 

I want to grow into the darkness of the earth, so that I can stand my ground. 

I want to feel I am here and experience all is okay. That my stay here is forever and that I have a deep knowing and understanding of life. 

I want to be here, present and nowhere else. I want to experience the seasons, without longing for past days or days to come. 

I want to dig deep into the experience of life, into the experience of every moment and every emotion. Every relationship and every part of my physical body. 

And with doing that I want to lengthen my minutes, my days, by choosing to experience time differently. 

And with every breathe I take, like a tree, I extend my stay in the present moment.