Expression session

After a beautiful ceremony 2 weeks ago something in me changed. After the ceremony I wrote down: I dedicate my life to the feminine energy and surrender, amaze, trust and expect miracles to happen.

I wrote down: I let it all flow freely to and through me.

I finally understood the enormous power of the feminine energy (not only found in women). I was so so touched by this energy, that I cried of sadness and of happiness all night.

Why did I never ever saw and felt this before? This beautiful feminine force. Of intuition. Creation. Empathy. Old and ancient wisdom. Of pure being and surrendering in flow. 


It made me sad, happy and I felt anger. But most of all I saw that I fought against this power and energy my entire life. Believing that it was weak or not the ‘right way’ to ‘success’.

But 2 weeks ago I decided to stop fighting. I decided to surrender. To embrace the feminine energy in its full power and beauty.

It was as if something inside me opened up.

I finally felt the true power of a woman owning her feminine energy. Her changeable nature. Her creative and intuitive power.

My fight was over
I finally came home
I became a Women
A goddess
A divine human being
Owning it.

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